Date:26. 2. 2013


New Contracts in Latvia


In the end of the year 2012 two new contracts has been signed in Latvia.

Project VEZU KRACES 1 will be equipped with one single regulated Kaplan turbine Hydrohrom HH 1450 SSK.

This turbine will be used to work with ecological flow. Basic project parameters are: Head = 2,50 m and design discharge 8,0 m3/s.

Turbine is directly coupled to low speed (200 rpm) assynchronous generator TES with output of 155 kW


Project VEZU KRACES 2 will be equipped with four single regulated Kaplan turbines Hydrohrom HH 1200 SSK.

Project head is 4,0 m and total design discharge 26,0 m3/s.

Also in this case turbines are directly coupled with low speed generators TES.


This project is quite similar to the recently commissioned project Beroun in the Czech Republic. See the pictures for ilustration.




The part of complete delivery forms also hydromechanical equipment like main intake slide gates,

trash rack cleaning machines, fine screens, desilting slide gate and draft tube stop log.




New Contract in Bulgaria


A contract for delivery of turbines, generators and releted equipment including low voltage Electrical part was conclude in Bulgaria.

Turbines will be placed at the outlet from irrigation water reservoir PCHELINA in central Bulgaria.

Two vertical SAXO Kaplan turbines CKD will operate at heads 20,0 – 15,0 m.

Design discharge 2 x 4,3 m3/s gives total installed power 1 500 kW.

Vertical and direcly coulped generators TES will be supplied.












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