Date:10. 5. 2011


New model of vertical multijet pelton turbine have been introduced recently at Rodal Small Hydro Power Plant in Norway.

1700 kW turbine has a new shape of body with spiral intake which improves the turbine efficiency and reduce structural tension in the turbine casing.














Also new runner design and new production technology has been used. The runner is made out of special very hard stainless steel CrNiMo.

Machined from one piece at computerized milling center with 5 axials.






As integral part of the delivery is automatic bypass which is open automatically when turbine is closing.

Bypass supply upto 600 l/s flow to the fish farm near by. For the bypass regulation has been used 3 turbine nozzles leading to the water pressure absorber.
















At the intake part up in the mountains has been  installed ecological flow monitoring system showing at the outside display current

ecological flow
















Being already our standard execution turbine runner is mounted directly on the generator shaft. Five electrical servo drives are moving with

five nozzles. Each nozzle has separate and independent servo drive with position sensor showing nozzle possition/opening at the PLC display.






































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