Date:3. 3. 2006

HYDROLINK put the Sevareid power plant in operation

The contract has been awarded to HYDROLINK for Z-shape double regulated vertical Kaplan turbine HH 1150 ZK and complete electromechanical equipment for SHPP Sevareid in Norway. This turbine has been designed especially for this project with very limited dimensions of the powerhouse, whereas the main goal was to replace the existing Francis turbine with possible minimal building modifications. This goal undoubtedly required proposal of an original and the best possible solution in technical respect to match the features of the existing powerhouse. After a long discussion the ZK Kaplan concept was found as the only option that should provide best technical performance by the specified technical parameters. The Sevareid power plant was put in operation at the end of last year after several months of intensive work and every single guaranteed parameter has been successfully accomplished.

The turbine parameters are:
H = 11,50 m
Q = 8,0 m3/s
P = 800 kW.

Runner diameter 1150 mm, made from stainless steel, mounted on the vertical shaft, directly coupled vertical generator with 428 rpm.

Generator Installation process Installation process Installation process

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