Date:29. 1. 2007

by Jaromir Roskot

Dear Customers and business partners,

The just pasing year 2006 has been again quite succesfull and our company continued with its activities in our traditional market in Europe but also overseas.

Very interesting market is Norway where we made company record puting in operation 5 MW hydro power plant. The project NORDVIK in small village Nordviksranda is located about 120 km south from Trondheim. Turbine house is equipped with 2 Vertical Pelton turbine Hydrohrom HHP V5. 5 nozzle turbines are exceeding 2500 kW each. Synchronous 1000 rpm generators were delivered from company TES (Czech Rep).

Hydrolink has supplied complete electromechanical equipment inside power house but also butterfly valve DN 800 at the intake dam equipped with automatic emergency closing systém in case of penstock problem.

During official start up the site was visited by approx 150 people including local political leaders.


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