SK type – S-shape double regulated horizontal KAPLAN turbine

Date:20. 5. 2010

(regulated runner blades and regulated guide vanes).

  • Standard runner diameters 500 – 2000 mm
  • Suitable for heads 1,5 – 15 m
  • Runner blades and guide vanes made from special stainless steel, by lower heads from special bronze alloy

The best solution for new power plants – advantages:

  • direct coupling to the generator or belt drive
  • no deep civil works and no deep foundation unlike by vertical machines
  • high efficiency in the whole flow range
  • mostly enabling direct coupling with generator, so no efficiency loss and no maintenance of gearbox
  • Easy maintenance of the moving parts of the turbine, without lifting the turbine from its position – unlike by vertical turbines.
  • Tailor made solutions focused on the best efficiency, by selecting the most suitable runner blade shape from more runner blade designs available, developed and tested in cooperation with Technical Universities in Prague and Brno. all components easily accessible for setting and maintenance
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