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Date:21. 5. 2010
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Powerplant Site

Name of Project:
City / Region / River:

Required Services

Turbine Gross Screens
Generator Weir Gate
Controls Closure
Electrical Panels Fine Screens Inclusive Trash Rack Cleaning Machine
Transformator Planning, drawings for Civil Works Preparation


Gross Head m
Net Head m
Altitude above Sea Level m

Design Flow

Maximal m3/s by Months Annually
Design m3/s by Months Annually
Minimal m3/s by Months Annually


Number of Turbines Expected Turbines Output kW


Intake Situation

Run off River Dam
Lake Weir

Channel / Penstock (Pipe)

Channel: Lenght m Width m Depth m
Penstock: Lenght m Diameter mm Material

Permit Situation

Planning Works Project in Development
Permit Ready Permit Applied


Generator type: synchronous asynchronous
Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz Voltage V
Mode of Operation: Grid Connected Islanded Combined
Grid Connection kV


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